Routine analysis ensures consistent quality. Cashman Fluids Analysis (CFA) designs and performs test packages that meet strict Quality Assurance Standards. CFA also performs critical specifications tests for ASTM D975 testing and quality assurance of routine fuel samples. Our broad range of testing addresses most quality concerns for diesel fuel and biodiesel processing and blending.

FA1 test packages with electronic or printed reports have a 72-hour target for turnaround time from time of receipt.

Depending on your testing requirements, many tests results are available in less than 24 hours.

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Test Method UOM
Metals, ICP ASTM D5185 ppm
Viscosity ASTM D445 cSt
Simulated Distillation ASTM D2887 Degree C
API/Specific Gravity ASTM D1298 / ASTM D7777 Degree API
FT-IR ASTM E2412 Abs/100cm
Total Ferrous Debris SOP 725 Index
Particle Count ASTM D7596 particles/100 mL
Bacteria SOP 712 Pos/Neg
FAME by FT-IR ASTM D7371 % B100
Oxidation Stability EN15751 Time in Hours
Flash Point, PMCC ASTM D93 Degree C
Sulfur by UV ASTM D5453 ppm
Cetane Index ASTM D4737 Index
Cloud Point ASTM D7689 Degree C
Pour Point ASTM D97 Degree C
No Flow Point ASTM D7346 Degree C
Cold Filter Plug Point ASTM D6371 Degree C
Filter Patch SOP 729 Image
BS&W ASTM D2709 %
Carbon Residue ASTM D4530 Weight %
Copper Strip Corrosion ASTM D130 Rating