Cashman Fluids Analysis designs and performs test packages that meet strict Quality Assurance Standards. Our broad range of testing addresses most quality issues with conventional and extended-life coolants.

CA1 test packages with electronic or printed reports have a 24 hour target turnaround time from time of receipt.

Coolant Test Packages


Freeze PT ASTM D3321 F°/C
Boiling PT ASTM D3321 F°/C
Glycol ASTM D3321 % Volume
Nitrate SOP 701 ppm
Molybdate SOP 700 ppm
Conductivity SOP 696 (CAT SEBF 3202) µS/cm
Additives Check SOP 700 & 701 ppm
pH SOP 728 (CAT SEBF 3203) 0.1 – 14
Physical Properties SOP 698 Color, Odor, Foam, Precipitate, Oil Contamination
Total Ferrous Debris (PqL) SOP 725 Index