Cashman Fluids Analysis (CFA) offers Quality Assurance Biodiesel testing per ASTM D6751. In addition, we offer alternate testing, using Simulated Distillation by Gas Chromatography and Calculated Cetane Index, for a budget friendly quality assurance option. CFA also performs critical specification testing for the quality assurance of routine fuel samples. Our broad range of testing addresses most quality issues with biodiesel processing and blending.

Viscosity @ 40O C D445 cSt
Total Acid Number D664 Mg KOH/g
Free and Total Glycerin D6584 Weight %
Distillation Temperature 90% D1160 Degree C
Cetane Number D613 Number
Cloud Point D2500 Degree C
Flash Point (closed cup) D93 Degree C
Sulfur by UVF D5453 ppm
Phosphorous D4951 ppm
Sodium, Potassium EN14538 ppm
Calcium, Magnesium EN14538 ppm
Bottoms Sediment & Water D2709 %
Sulfated Ash D874 Weight %
Carbon Residue D4530 Weight %
Copper Strip Corrosion Rating D130 Rating
Oxidation Stability-Rancimat EN15751 Time in Hours
Cold Soak Filterability D7501 Time in Sec