Oil Testing
Our oil testing process provides you with a vast amount of useful information. Vital viscosity testing identifies the lubricant’s resistance to flow. Wear Metal Spectroscopy tells you the amount and type of metallic contamination being generated by the component. Test your oil to determine wear rate, oil condition and to look for contamination.

Coolant Testing
Our coolant testing process is a proactive approach to maintaining the health and longevity of your cooling system. Additive checks provide you with the levels of nitrites and molybdates used as corrosion inhibitors. Glycol Percentage identifies the effective freezing and boiling points. Test your coolant to determine proper glycol and additive levels are maintained.

Diesel Testing
The benefits of our diesel testing process are numerous. Particle Count testing provides you with the generic type, size and concentration of contaminates. Cold Flow Properties identify how your fuel may perform in cold weather. Test your diesel to ensure it meets manufactures specs and is clean and uncontaminated.

Biodiesel Testing
Cashman Fluids Analysis (CFA) offers Quality Assurance Biodiesel testing per ASTM D6751. In addition, we offer alternate testing, using Simulated Distillation by Gas Chromatography and Calculated Cetane Index, for a budget friendly QA option. BTS also performs critical specification testing for the quality assurance of routine fuel samples. Our broad range of testing addresses most quality issues with biodiesel processing and blending.